ITC 2-channel Multimedia Mosque AmplifierIt is suitable for supermarkets, meeting rooms, training rooms, mosques and other places.

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It is suitable for supermarkets, meeting rooms, training rooms, mosques and other places.


* The audio source has multiple inputs such as optical ?ber, coaxial, USB, Bluetooth, line, microphone, etc.;

* Built-in DSP sound e?ect processing. With functions such as delay, reverberation, echo, anti-howling (level 7), tone shift (level 10), and vocal excitation;

* The control function is realized through infrared remote control, coded switches, and buttons;

* Panel LCD screen intuitively displays of various functions and working status;

* Provide 3-channel RCA line inputs, 3-channel balanced microphone with phantom power inputs;

* With DSP processor, multiple preset scene modes;

* The volume of each microphone is independently adjustable, the e?ect is adjustable, and the music volume is independently adjustable.Treble, Alto, Bass adjustment;

* Built-in RS485 communication central integrated control function.

* Support USB playback, support MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC and other lossless high-?delity music formats;

* With the soft start protection function of switch , with voltage limit, short circuit, overload, and overheat protection;

* Panel: Aluminum alloy material;

* Built-in 48V phantom switch control function;

* Support Bluetooth function. It can connect with mobile phones, computers and other devices;

* Each microphone input has a gain adjustment function, enabling the best match between microphone and the input state of the ampli?er;

* Support constant impedance and constant voltage (4Ω/100V) switching function.

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