Repair Policy


  • A minimum non-refundable inspection charge is required prior to detecting certain equipment.
  • Fixed labor charges as displayed in Service Centre will be charged for any job done on the equipment.
  • No guarantee or the repair will be rendered to equipment attempted by Technicians other than our authorized service.
  • Old and defective parts of customers equipment are destroyed/thrown out and hence will not be returned unless asked.
  • Date due mentioned in the work, the order is subject to change due to the non-availability of parts and a delay may arise due to receiving spare parts from manufacturers or other reasons beyond our control.
  • Items should be collected within 30 days from the date of completion of work or from the date of informing the estimate and will bare storage fees of 2% daily. All equipment (repair / unrepaired) not collected within 3 months from the date of entry will be disposed of without notice and no claims shall be entertained thereafter.

Tunes provide a one Year Warranty for manufacturing defects (Excluding damage to the woofer and tweeter). Tunes provide warranty coverage for new products originally sold by Tunes only. This warranty will not cover products purchased from retailers other than Tunes (whether via the Internet or otherwise). All warranties are limited in duration to the applicable period of time set forth by the product category.

  • Warranty- In order to get benefit from the Warranty, the customer will need present Tunes invoice/receipt, which shows the date of the product purchase

The Warranty being offered does not cover:

  • Transportation to and from the service center, shipping costs, local customs, and any other traffic-related costs that may occur. However, we can provide this service if required
  • Removal and installation of the unit.
  • Any physical damage or burnt components due to the build-up of excessive heat, corrosion due to moisture or insects, external hits or internal glass breaks, accidents, transit damage, power fluctuations, product misuse, improper cleaning, natural disaster, and by any operation violating or not covered by usage instructions.
  • Products that have been tampered with or repaired by any person who is not approved
  • Products whose Model Name or Serial Number does not match with that on the set, invoice/receipt or the product carton, or if they have been altered, removed or mutilated.
  • Damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation or failure to follow instructions according to the Owner’s Manual for this product; any shipment of the product (claims must be presented to the carrier); repair or attempted repair by anyone other than an Tunes Service Center; (b) any unit which has been altered or on which the serial number has been defaced, modified, or removed; (c) normal wear and any periodic maintenance; (d) deterioration due to perspiration, corrosive atmosphere or other external causes such as extremes in temperature or humidity; (e) damages occurred due to battery leakage (f) damages attributable to power line surge or related electrical abnormalities, lightning damage or acts of God; or (g) RFI/EMI (Interference/noise) caused by improper grounding or the improper use of either certified or uncertified equipment, if applicable. Any evidence of alteration, erasing, or forgery of proof-of-purchase documents will cause this warranty to be void. This warranty covers only the Original Owner and is not transferable.

Only Tunes Service Centers can judge whether or not the Warranty is applicable under the conditions above.

If the customers product is not covered under warranty, Tunes may offer Repair Services under the customers payment.

  • Do not allow any unauthorized service center or personnel to repair or modify the product.
  • It is the customers sole responsibility to back up his/ her data and must remove any of the customers confidential or personal information before allowing any service from Tunes.
  • Tunes will not be liable for any damage, loss, and exposure of confidential or private information or data contained in any product, hardware, software, or media.
  • For out-of-warranty repairs a minimum inspection charge is applicable, however, if the customer decided to proceed with the repair inspection charges will be adjusted in the total charges.
  • Once repaired and the notification sent by email or Whatsapp, the unit should be collected within 30 days.
  • Transportation to and from the service center, shipping costs, local customs, and any other traffic-related costs that may occur are to be borne by the customers
  • For certain products categories, field service can be arranged with agreed charges.

Who can avail of Tunes Workshop Services?

The primary goal of the Tunes Service is to cater to Tunes Customers. However, considering that there are no other reputed Pro Audio service facilities in Oman we may service products not purchased from us but do not guarantee the time frame or spare parts.

If your product ever needs service, please telephone our service center at +968 97777360 or visit us at Tunes Trading & Services in Al Khuwair Service Road next to Al Fikir bookshop.