Guitar Pedals & Effects

Product Highlights!

  • NUX MG100 Multieffects Processor Guitar Effect Pedal

    OMR 32.000
  • Line6, Guitar Multi-FX Pedal And Amp Modeler

    OMR 206.000
  • Nux MG300 Guitar Modelling Processor Multieffects Pedal

    OMR 47.000
  • Dunlop, Way Huge Smalls Swollen Pickle Fuzz Guitar FX Pedal

    OMR 48.000
  • NUX MFX10 Modeling Guitar Floor Multi-Effects Pedal Processor

    OMR 54.000
  • NSS3 Mini Studio IR Loader Guitar Effects Pedal

    OMR 26.000

What's New In Guitar Pedals & Effects

  • Nux NCP2 Sculpture Mini Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal

    OMR 15.000
  • Nux ROCTARY Polyphonic Octave & Rotary-Speaker Simulator FX Pedal

    OMR 46.000
  • EHX 1440LOOPER 1440 Stereo Looper Guitar Pedal

    OMR 85.000
  • Dunlop, MXR Octavio Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

    OMR 48.000
  • Dunlop Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive MKIV

    OMR 48.000
  • Nux NOD3 Morning Star Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

    OMR 17.000
  • Fender 0234537000 Full Moon Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

    OMR 49.000
  • EHX NEXTPED NextStep Expression Pedal with Real-time Variable Control

    OMR 38.000
  • Dunlop Guitar High Gain Volume Pedal

    OMR 33.000