Return Policy

Return Policy:

If you are dissatisfied with your product, you can return it within the first 15 days of purchase for a refund of the purchase price, exchange for another product or an in-house credit (Valid for 2 months). Delivery charges will be deducted from your credit or refund. This return is only valid with:

· Proof of purchase/Original Packaging: Require the original receipt for all returns /exchanges.

· An Identity Verification: You may be required to furnish an ID card as part of the return process. This is in keeping with regulations. A valid residence card/driving license/passport copy is acceptable for this purpose.

· Shipping Cost: All shipping/ pickup costs, if any, must be paid for by you.

If you have redeemed a promotional item, discontinued item, your return may be subject to a restocking fee at a minimum of 15% up to 25% or may not be accepted even within the 15days.

Returnable Items at a Restocking Fee even within 15days:

Oversized or overweight items (Speakers/Pianos)- 15 to 25% & Brass and Wind Instruments- 15 %

Non-returnable Items:

As we have quote flexible returns, we are however unable to return any:

· Discontinued products, closeouts and used products

· Personal items (earphones, harmonicas, instrument mouthpieces, etc.

· Special orders

· Software

· Books


Online sales: we are unable to return the above including:

· Speakers

· Oversized or Overweight Items

Return Procedure:

Fill out our Return Request Form on or visit our store and we will contact you within 42 hours to assist you. Next, to ensure your exchange or credit is processed as quickly as possible and to help you avoid a return adjustment, Items are to be returned to the location at which they were purchased.

Defective Product

Fill out our form on our website or contact us on

 and you should get a response within 42 hours. if the problem is not solved  Within 30 days we are happy to take back the product with a replacement if available or an exchange option


After Sales Repair Disclaimer: We provide repairs in house and you may refer to a local independent repair centre. However, we are not responsible for loss or damage to any customers owned merchandise which was not caused by our workshop. Merchandise not picked up (and paid for) within 60 days after notification (using the contact information provided to us) of completed repairs will be considered abandoned. Visit our website for all the details on your after sales repair. For more details email

Limited Warranty

All new purchase products are sold with the manufacturers limited warranty. The warranty period and service vary from 1 month to 12 months, by manufacturer and product. Warranty is only applicable for electronic items and only for manufacturing defects (For mics and speakers this excludes damages to the membranes, woofers, and tweeters). To benefit from the Warranty, the customer will need to present Tunes invoice/receipt or digital invoice, which shows the date of product purchase